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Choir RingBinder

Choir RingBinder

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The Choir RingBinder is ideal for singers, and directors who mostly use hole-punched sheet music. The Choir RingBinder features a comfortable hand strap that allows for one-handed use. It also has large solid rings that lock, even when opened flat for use on a piano, organ, or podium. Made with a solid one-piece board construction for great durability, yet "Oh, wow!" light. Customize and order one today!


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Model Options
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Imprinting Options:
Please select the number of lines you would like to imprint at a given location on a music folder. You can use the Preview Imprinting button to preview the text imprinting

AMid-top, front: Centered

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BUpper right front; Right Justified

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CLower right front; Right Justified

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Individual Folder Custom Imprinting:

AInside Top Left

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Individual Folder Custom Imprinting:

AMid-top, back: Centered

Number of lines to imprint

BUpper left back; Left Justified

Number of lines to imprint

CLower left back; Left Justified

Number of lines to imprint

Repeated Text Imprinting (ie. same text on every folder):


Individual Folder Custom Imprinting:

Use hole-punched music? Now you can enjoy quality!

The Choir RingBinder is 'the' best music folder solution for choral singers, directors, or conductors who mainly use hole-punched sheet music. It's also compatible with magazine holders / octavo holders, which can fit into the rings and allow larger scores and sheet music that is not hole-punched, to be used at the same time, placed exactly where you want in your concert order.

Much like our other folders, the Choir RingBinder is durable, lightweight, and ergonomic. It features a bottom strap that can be unbuttoned on one side, so that the folder can lay flat when you need it to, and attached for singing, with less hand stress, because your music is held open at the right angle without the need to squeeze your fingers and palm against the cover.

A set of 1" rings (1.5" diameter is optional) is solidly mounted within the folder, and opens with the push of a single button near the base, discreet and ergonomic. A snag-free ring interlock prevents paper from being caught during page turns, which is important during recording sessions so that your page turns aren't heard.The outside attached base strap provides more room inside the folder itself, prevents page turns from scraping, and functions as a bookmark when impromptu bows occur during concerts, so you can return immediately to your next song with no paper fumbling.

The comfortable hand strap at the back of the Choir RingBinder allows you to hold it securely with one hand, and there is no token grain pattern - rather, the deeply-textured leatherette helps to dissipate the perspiration that may occur under hot stage lighting, for a very comfortable feel even when held for many consecutive hours.

Store additional music in a side-expanding pocket at right. All folders come with two pencil holders, a name card pocket and name card, and they hold US Letter and A4 and all common sizes of music with ease. As the Choir RingBinder only has a single booster tab at its bottom, slightly taller European A4 size music that has been punched in the 3-hole style common to North America, will not bunch up against a booster tab at the top and get scrunched.

Finally, a clear pocket is included on the folder's left side; this allows for quick and discreet reading of a concert program or church service bulletin, rather than having to pull paper up out of a black pocket to see the lower portion of the page. It's also perfect for storing readily-accessible notes, such as changes in your standing order and directors' rehearsal plans. Photos are often found within the clear pocket as well - especially among touring choirs.

Pro tip: if you like to use an iPad for reading music, we can replace the right pocket and install one of our iPad performance cases in here, so the audience sees a consistent look, but you have your music on iPad in a super-light folder, and are ready for anything with rings and clear pocket too. Email us if this interests you.

Specifications & Key Features

  • Dimensions (Width x Height): (10.1 x 12.7 )in. or (257 x 322)mm
  • Weight: 13 oz. (370g)
  • two pencil holders
  • cross strap at base
    • detachable so the folder can be opened flat
    • angles in when closed to become a bookmark
  • durable, lightweight black leatherette
  • solidly mounted 1" rings with snag-free closure for silent page turns, and one-touch tab to open
  • corner protectors
  • business card pocket with name card
  • expandable pocket on right; clear pocket on left
  • holds all common North American and International paper sizes
  • hand strap at back

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