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Music Folder Testimonials

Kind words from Customers

As providers of the world's finest music folders to five continents, who are proud of our product and aiming to give exemplary customer service, we come in contact daily with many great people who become satisfied customers. Some of them like our music folders and our service so much that they write us very kind messages - some of which are shared below.

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your courteous & prompt service on my recent order. It is a pleasure dealing with you!

Dear Ian,
Our folders have arrived and they are great. The choir was very excited. We have a concert this weekend, so the timing couldn't have been better. I want to thank you again for your excellent service. If I can serve as a reference for your company in the future, I would be happy to do so. I will also recommend your company to anyone I know who is looking to buy music folders.

Ellie Armsby

Ian, my "black folder" arrived this morning just in time for this weekend's rehearsals! Your quick response was faster than a hemisemidemiquaver sung by Sergeant Bruce! Bravo, Small World! Bravo, O Canada!

Dave Shanks

We couldn't imagine how singing was ever possible before ECBF (the black folder - ed.) ;-)

I received my black choral folder...only two days after ordering. I would like to comment you on your service. I have never received anything so quickly, even when requesting two-day service! Thank you.

Karen Popovich

Hello Ian,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased the Morning Glory choir members were to receive the new folders. We used them for the Easter services this morning and they looked very sharp! I've had a number of comments about how comfortable the folders are to hold and how great the logo looks on the front.
Thank you for your help with our order and for the quality of your product

Best Regards,

Dear Ian,
Just a note to let you know that the folders arrived in plenty of time and we distributed them to the choir last evening. They are, without a doubt, the finest, most versatile music folders that I have ever encountered and we're all extremely delighted with them. Thank you for an outstanding product and for prompt & dependable service.

Sue Dugdale

Just wanted to let you know that I received my folder today. I am very impressed with the fast and friendly service. I really like the folder and am excited to start using it. Choir practice is tonight and our Easter Cantata is this Sunday, so the timing is perfect. Thank you so much. I am a happy customer. I can't wait to show the rest of the choir. Perhaps you will get a few more sales.

Joseph Gosbee

I just wanted to thank for their exceptional service. From start, when the woman on the phone took my order, to finish, when I received the folder in the mail, I was exceedingly pleased and impressed.

Your business practices are very professional, reliable and commendable. Thanks for your commitment to quality and friendly service.

Emily Foote

Hi Ian,

Thank you so much for the instructions on how to fix my folder. I appreciate your quick and personal response. I can tell that you care very much about the products you create and sell. I have recommended your folders to others in the past and they have made purchases. I do get a lot of compliments on the product from fellow chorus members. Now I can tell them about the excellent customer service, as well.

Polly Mortensen

I see that UPS has my folders and they are in transit. Thanks for the very quick shipping. You folks are terrific.

Paul Schendel

Dear Alison,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was very impressed when Ian called me to check on the order and am delighted to do business with you because I enjoy working with enthusiastic and responsible people.

Milly Blakely - Queensland, Australia

Thanks Ian, I got the folder today-thanks for the quick service. The folder is outstanding - I will suggest it to the rest of my choir. It is very ergonomically designed, the best music folder I can ever seen in 18 years of music performance

Steve Coenen


You are amazing! Got my music folders today in perfect shape.
Fantastic fast service.
Thank you very much ...
We will be back!!!

Ron Laking

Dear Mr Bullen,

I ordered my Black folder on Wednesday and received it today. Thank you for such superb service and such a good product. I am delighted with the folder and look forward to many years of service from it. I am thinking of people who will enjoy receiving it as a present too.

I do a lot of internet purchases and your company stands out as giving the best service. The e-mail communication was extremely good, your packing was excellent, and the shipping, usually a problem from Canada, first class.

Thank you again.

Bridget Barry

The folders arrived today and everything is perfect. Thank you again for taking care of this for me. You have been very good to me throughout the years and your service has been impeccable. Haley and Alison have always been kind and very professional. Thank you for helping me out each year. These folders are "coveted" by our choir offices each yeah and they look forward to receiving them.

Ruth Twenty

I would like to share that I faxed the confirmation on Tuesday about 2:30 pm our time and the package arrived Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

WOW!!! Thanks for your speedy work!

Bethany Stevenson

Just a quick note to thank you for your speedy and flexible work in producing the Choral Society's new folders. They are magnificent, and the fact that you were able to get them here so quickly was much appreciated in that it allowed us to present them to the membership at the Annual membership meeting.
We have recommended the product to a number of ensembles here - you deserve all the business you can get in recognition of the excellent work you did for us.
Many thanks,

Dear Ian,

We received the 20 folders, and they look outstanding. Thanks again for a marvellous job!

Nathan Bayreuther - Director of Music


I just wanted to jot a note and let you know that we are exceedingly happy with our new black folders!! Our choir director was very encouraged (he's used them before in other organizations) to see them here when he returned to begin the new fall season! What joy they will be to use. I also appreciated being able to give him a good report about how quickly our order was processed and your friendliness. Thanks again.

Patricia Franseen - Kansas City, MO


I just wanted to let you know that I received the folders yesterday. All I can say is "Thank you, thank you, thank you"!!!

Of course you can use my comments... I'm also going to try to drum up some business for you within the choirs that I sing with.

Again, thanks so much. It's truly been a pleasure doing business with you!!!

Deb Kelleher

Dear Ian (and company)-

Your service is amazing! Feel free to add me to your list of East coasters who are surprised that things can be ordered Weds afternoon and delivered first thing Friday morning. I am very impressed with how easy to use your website and shipping is.

I have been impressed by your product for a long time - there is no comparison.

Best wishes,

Joshua Desrochers - Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA

Hi Ian: Just to let you know - I spoke with you about an order on Thursday, and the folder was delivered Friday morning! Great service and excellent product. I'll bring it along to rehearsal tomorrow night, and we'll see what other interest develops. Thanks again.


Jack Spyker-Oles


I just wanted to let you know that I received the folders Friday. The quality of the gold embossing was excellent - much better than I expected. Great job! Our chorale had rehearsal this afternoon and my wife and I presented the gift of the folders to the group. They really loved them. Our church choir has been using your folders for years so I expected the same quality folders. However, since I bought the new model folders, several chorale members commented "Wow, these are better than our folders at church!"
Again, thanks for your prompt attention to my order. I have already recommended you to more people.

John Schindler

Dear Ian,

Thank you so much for the immediate reaction you had to replacing the defective folder!

Despite the fact that the folder may have been affected by the wet box which I received from the shipping company, your instant response to replace it in a hurry was much appreciated. Moreover, your rebate of my shipping charges for the defective folder, was a bonus! (My wife had not explained to me your offer when you phoned!)

I have been singing in choirs since I was seven years old (church choirs, 1950's+), and have sung with the Victoria Choral Society, the (now defunct) Amity Singers, (from even before its inception in that name), the UVic Chorus, the Victoria Civic Chorus (mostly under George Corwin's directorship) (1970's-80's), and Voices Intimae (directed by Tony Booker) (2001+).

I wish I had your folder throughout those many years of choral singing: it is a boon!

I thank you again for your being concerned about the customer, rather than the bottom line.

With such an attitude, there is nothing but growth for your product, and I will do my best to promote it!

P.S. Please feel free to use this letter (or portions thereof) for promotional purposes.

David Grubb


I know I speak for our Pastor, Molly, as well as myself when I say THANKS for your prompt and courteous service. I am so glad to have the folders prior to our first rehearsal of the new "season". I am also glad we chose to go with your product. The quality and practicality is the best out there. I'm sure the choir will be thrilled with them - they will especially like the logo. I'll let you know what the gang says in a couple of weeks.

Ashley Tyree

Hey Ian!

The folders were awesome, I received them just in time for the concert. The choir was amazed and totally loved them - words I heard to describe the folders were 'professional', 'fancy', 'beautiful', 'amazing', and my favourite comment was "We're a real choir now!"

In all, the reception of the folders was quite positive. I personally love mine, and at the performance, you could tell there was a slight change from before - with the folders, the crowd tended to treat us more seriously. I'm sure these folders will treat us well for much time to come, and I look forward to the next time that I get to order folders from you!

Thanks for everything, especially the UPS delivery,

Stuart Purgavie


Our black folder order arrived last Wednesday. The 34 personalized folders were distributed last night at our Monday night rehearsal and I want to let you know that everyone was delighted with their new folders!

Thank you so much for working with us and making what could have become a complicated order so simple.

We will offer your folders to our members each season.

Judy Stuss - Mountain Lakes, NJ