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Do you want to copy imprinting from previously added folder?

  • Find the loop of cord that goes over the top end of the centre pin of the hinge, and remove that loop of cord from the top.
  • This loop of cord is passed through the bottom hole on the adaptor from the bottom side, passed through each of the rings, and then passed back down through the top hole.
  • Now you re-attach the looped end over the centre post, where it was originally.

We find this attachment method is best, because the body of the ring adaptor 'rides' on the knuckles of the hinge so that it can rotate out of the way more easily when you're also using the available cords on either side. Really, the paper is supported by the folder itself and the rings are just keeping it all together.

Our music folders are ideal for right-handed or left-handed use. We include pencil holders both on the left and right side of our folders. This accommodates both right and left-handed people.

American Express, VISA and MasterCard are all accepted. Transactions of all sizes are electronically authorized. Other payment methods are possible, but using a card for payment is the best way to have your order en route to you as quickly as possible. For example, one can also use cheque, or purchase order/billing for cheque with NET30 terms, at our discretion, or arrange an Electronic Funds Transfer, but then there will be an order confirmation step required by Fax or an emailed scan of your signature, after we've taken your information to create and send you an official Sales Order, which adds some time to your order processing.

In the long run, our folders save money for choirs. Many of our first-run music folders are still going strong 20 years later. Their initial cost has been offset the and then some by years of savings. They've also enjoyed the world's best folders during that entire time.

Further to the long run cost savings, choirs also spend all those years enjoying the advantages a high quality music folder provides. They're easier on singers and make for better choral performances.

The best way to get the best per folder price is through volume discounts. This can be achieved by having singers tell their whole choir about and organizing a group order - even a small group order saves on shipping - or by having multiple choirs combine their orders into a single shipment. This lets them take full advantage of the quantity-based price breaks. Work with your local choral colleagues!

Taking the time to show our folders to other choirs can result in everybody enjoying a savings and everybody enjoying the world's finest MUSICFOLDER.

Get a Black Folder into the hand of your decision-makers! Our folders are well renowned and have a great reputation. You could easily extol the virtues. They're known for comfort, design, professionalism, longevity and their host of custom features. But it's much better simply to put one of our folders into a singer's hand.

Take a folder or even a couple such as a deluxe black folder or Choralex compact folder and show them to the board. Get their feedback. can even supply some brief informative literature. The shipping on two folders is typically as affordable as the shipping on one. So why not take two? You can personalize an imprint on our folders for as little as $5.00, so while you might be taking folders to show to decision-makers, you can also give them as fantastic gifts.

Your chances are still excellent to get the world's best music folders in time. Our exceptional customer service is one of our greatest sources of pride. Outside of office hours, you'll typically get us on a mobile phone. You can call that directly at +1 (604) 970-5489. Since it is a private North American number, and we do ship around the world, please check local times before calling. Please don't forget that we do offer overnight music folder shipping. Call us directly for a custom quote. If it's too late to ship that day, we might still be able to drive your folders directly to the airport. There is a surcharge - but it is doable. Many East-coast people are pleasantly surprised when orders that are ordered "overnight" late in the day still arrive bright and early the next morning.

Our number is both a fax and a voice number. There's no need to pick up your fax machine's handset. If we pick up and hear fax tones, we'll take it from there. Even if our lines are busy, or we're not in the office, our number can accept faxes and voicemails. The only odd exception comes with faxes from Australia and New Zealand - but this only happens occasionally.

We host our website with Island Net ( in Victoria - but moved from Victoria to Vancouver in 1996. Island Net continues to provide us with exceptional service, and as of yet we've found no reason to switch.

Up-to-date company contact and location details can be found on the "Contact Us" page.

Adding double cords will not make your music folders wider. The extra set of cords will fit neatly into the same hinge notches as the first set of cords. The notches are approximately four millimeters apart (~0.16"), and each notch can easily accommodate the pair of hinges you'll now have.

These additions can easily be added via two main ways. Our website has recently been redesigned and some custom options and additions are still being added as options to the order process. The first solution, and the easiest, is to phone us with your order, toll-free at 1 877 246-7253. We're happy to take your order, and we'll add the additional optional items for you. Secondly, you can do it online. If, for example, you wish to add 3 extra ring adaptors to an order of 20 Choralex Compact folders with the ring adaptor option, simply make 3 of those folders the 'double 3-ring' option and 2 sets of 3-ring adaptors will come with each of those folders - and you'll have 3 extra sets of rings. If this seems somewhat complex please just call your order in. We're happy to help. Please remember that volume discounts on our music folders only apply to the multiples of the exact same item with the exact same options - so consider this when you're seeking to maximize your savings.

The internet service provider that hosts our mail is Island Net (, in Victoria. The company moved from Victoria to Vancouver in 1996, but Island Net still provides excellent internet services and there's no reason to change (the physical location of a web server is not important on the Internet). Our web site in hosted on a really fast dedicated secure server centrally located on the continent to serve pages fastest, we hope you appreciate that and that any slowness in delivery, isn't from things we can control.

All current company contact and location details are on the "Contact Us" page.