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Choral Canada Imprints

CHORAL CANADA member special coupons:

Valid until April 30, 2021.
Offers: Free Shipping to Canada/USA at $150+ in the shopping cart with your coupon code: CHORALCANSHIP, or:

1.  $10 coupon: covers* free personalized names on two folders (in gold, or 'blind debossed').
2.  $40 coupon: covers* up to two lines of imprinting on each folder (gold or blind debossed) for 15 folders.
3.  $195 coupon: covers* the creation of the stamping die for a good-sized logo, and gold or blind debossed logo imprinting on each folder for 35 folders.

*if you have more folders or custom options, that's OK - use the matching code as an imprinting credit toward any amount of imprinting that's equal to or more than the value of the coupon.

How to use the coupons: (call us if you'd like help!)

As you add folders to the shopping cart online, you'll be offered imprinting choices.
Once you have the correct number of folders with imprinting in your shopping cart, type your chosen coupon code in the lower left "Coupon Code" field in the shopping cart, and press the Apply Coupon button.

1st coupon code: CHORALCANPRINT -- a $10 credit with two or more imprinted folders in the cart
Example name imprint
This will cover our most popular individual name imprinting on the front cover of your folders (which is in gold, Letterpress 36 Times Roman font, and typically at lower right front).
You can imagine the gift-giving possibilities, looking to better days ahead, or you can organize your music well for multiple choirs with name-imprinted folders.

For those of you who really want to know, a personalized name is normally a $3 setup and $2 stamp per folder, and here's pricing for group orders with a repeated choir name, which is the best use of the second coupon code:

Letterpress Text PricingOne-time SetupStamping cost per folderStamping cost when 50 or more
One line, maximum 30 characters 3.00 2.00 1.50
Two lines, maximum 30 characters each 6.00 2.25 1.75
Three lines, maximum 30 characters each 12.00 2.50 2.00
Pricing for Extended line lengths up to 45 characters (any longer line requires a different press):
One line, over 30 characters 6.00 2.00 1.50
Two lines, any one over 30 characters 9.00 2.25 1.75
Three lines, any one over 30 characters 15.00 2.50 2.00

2nd coupon code: CHORALCAN2LINES -- $40 credit with 15 or more imprinted folders in the cart

This will cover two lines (in the same spot). For example, your institution and group name, or name and city. In all cases you're not limited to short uppercase lines, you can print normal upper and lower case text. Also, most people don't realize that we've only been charging $0.25 more for a second line imprint, not doubling the imprint cost like everyone else seems to do for unknown reasons.

Text and logo examples
3rd coupon code: CHORALCANLOGO -- $195 credit with 35 or more imprinted folders in the cart

This will cover a good sized logo die (9 square inches -- e.g. 3"x3" or 4.5"x2") -- created for you, and gold-foil stamping of your logo on 35 folders. Again, if you have a larger logo or want other colors or have more folders to imprint, well, it's the first $195 of your imprinting cost for free.

We will gladly help you assess your logo files ahead of time to give advice, or even set up your new logo. Email your logo source file(s) to and we can help you create your logo from solid color graphics, or quote a labour price for reworking complex images with color gradients.

For graphics professionals, we need a minimum 300dpi image in monochrome Black and White, PDF format is best. We'll scale the image to the specified width so it can be 'close' - you don't have to fuss with it.

For graphics amateurs who want to try first without our help, use a program you're familiar with, or here's a nearly foolproof method, using current versions of Microsoft Word:

Click File | Options | Advanced, scroll to find 'Image Size and Quality', click 'Do not compress images in file', and change the Default resolution to 'High Fidelity'. Drop in your crest or image (Insert | Picture...), center it, add text below it if you want, in any font, centered, then Save the Word file and then 'Save As' a PDF and send us the PDF.
P.S. Graduate students - just in case you don't know - those are the options to use if you're inserting score images in your thesis, too, so they don't save as low resolution fax-quality images. I hope this helps someone!